HPDOCA: Good news: Strike is off! Report back meetings still on! Read more below.

Posted on November 13, 2019

Your threat of action has worked and you don’t have to take it now! Congratulations!

The government realised how serious you were, and have confirmed an offer will be received today.

  • All strike actions planned for tomorrow will be called off so that members can consider the offer. Members should attend your ordinary work tomorrow.
  • Lunchtime report back meetings will continue to occur at 12:30pm tomorrow to discuss the offer. Click here to view statewide meeting locations. Note that you do not need to take leave to attend - come in your lunch break or come as appropriate to consider this offer as it is in relation to your work.

Following the extraordinary pressure of Together union members committing to state-wide strike action for all HPs, Dental Officers and Clinical Assistants seeking that an offer is received by 14 November, we now know that you will have an offer to consider tomorrow. 

Members have contacted the union office to advise that contingencies have been put in place which may have included cancellation of some surgeries. On the basis that the offer will be received, this decision has been made to call off the action early, to minimise these impacts and so that there is more time for these contingencies to be put in place for ordinary work to occur tomorrow.

It is important that members continue to attend the report back meetings tomorrow at 12:30pm to discuss the offer. Click here to view the locations of statewide meetings.

We will provide a further update to all members when the offer is received. 

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