HPDOCA Bargaining Update - June 6

Posted on June 6, 2019

Today, Together Health members met with Department of Health and other unions for our second HPDOCA negotiation meeting.   

We went through and clarified some of the points in our member's claims and talked about what will be discussed at the next few meetings.

Together and United Voice have issued Logs of Claims to the Department of Health, but we are awaiting the Department of Health to tell us what they want to change in the agreement. We expect to receive this by early July. You can view your log of claims at any time on the Together Health website.

Negotiation meetings will continue fortnightly through June and July and at the next meeting we will start negotiating specific claims from our members items.

Importantly, our next negotiation meeting will be on the 20th of June. At this meeting we expect to be discussing matters including employment securityand contracting outas well as the staffing cap

If you have any stories or information about these matters in your workplace, can you please email these to health@together.org.au by COB Monday 17 June. The more stories and evidence that we have, the stronger our arguments will be.

Remember, while these negotiations are an important part of improving workers lives, we win through the member power in our workplaces. Forward this email to your colleagues and tell them that we’re campaigning to improve your wages and conditions and remind them why it’s important to join your union.

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