HPDOCA: Ballot next week

Posted on November 22, 2019

Our members' planned strike action last week forced Queensland Health's HPDOCA EB offer. Since that time, Together members have met in workplaces to discuss the offer, and our Together HPDOCA bargaining team have also been in meetings with Queensland Health to negotiate improvements to the current offer and seek clarification on some points.

Your bargaining team have negotiated to win additional items which were not in the original letter of offer! We'll provide more detail next week, as well as starting a formal union member ballot regarding the offer.

From 25-29 November all Together members to be covered by the agreement will be asked to have your say about the offer. It's important that all members take the survey next week so that we know your views.

Clinical Assistant members also had their say this week in a separate survey specifically about the offer to Clinical Assistants, and we are discussing the results with the Clinical Assistant steering committee today so they can consider the next steps.

Through the threat of planned strikes last week, Together members forced Queensland Health to put a decent offer on the table. Your action worked! 

Please encourage all Together members to look out for the EB survey email early next week and have their say. In the meantime, please email health@together.org.au if you have any questions about the offer and negotiations.

1800 177 244