HPDO agreement: certified today!

Posted on May 4, 2016

Congratulations! This morning the HPDO Agreement was certified in the Industrial Relations Commission and will take formal effect as of today.

You have already received pay increases in line with the new agreement and a range of other conditions have also been administratively applied, such as professional development leave for temporary HP members. The PD allowance for temporary HP staff and emergency on call will be back paid to 14 September 2015.

We have also identified a potential issue with the payment of PD allowance to permanent HPs who have changed from temporary to permanent status. All permanent HPs should receive some form of PD allowance. Please check your payslips and contact health@together.org.au if you don’t believe you have been paid this allowance correctly.

Finally having a new certified agreement in place is an important milestone after fighting for so long to restore the rights we won to have your professions recognised in your own agreement. Later this year we will have a new opportunity to bargain with the government for improvements. How can we make things better for HPs and Queenslanders? The answers will depend on how strong we are as a union, so remind your colleagues to join so we can continue to win for HPs and DOs.

PS. Last night the Turnbull federal government confirmed massive cuts to health funding in the budget (originally announced in the Abbott/Hockey budget cuts of 2014). These pending cuts will hurt health services in Queensland. We still have the chance to stop them happening. Sign up to be involved in the Purple Army and stand for Queensland services and jobs this election.

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