HPDO: We're writing the agenda

Posted on September 9, 2016

Yesterday we had our first negotiation with Queensland Health. While the first negotiation was not very exciting, it was important to set the ground work for the rest of the negotiations.

Coming out of the negotiations, your delegates and I decided that we would give QH a schedule that outlines how we want negotiations to go. We are going to be leading these negotiations from the front with the log of claims you helped build.

Next week we will be making sure that QH prioritises our big issues like a 9 day fortnight, flexible working arrangements, consultation, budget transparency, higher education allowances and the issues related to specific professions.

Our next negotiations with QH are scheduled for next week, so stay tuned for more updates from us shortly.

As always, the outcome of our negotiations will depend on us and our colleagues joining as union members to take action and make our workplaces better.

We are stronger together, so ask your workmates to join today.

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