HPDO Wages Update

Posted on March 6, 2015

This week Queensland Health representatives tried to argue in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission that because there had been a change of government that any hearings about your wages and conditions should be put off indefinitely (well, called off altogether).

While we certainly expect that the new Palaszczuk government will sit down and restore important rights for health workers in meaningful negotiations, it is poor form from the Department to ask you to agree to put off all discussions without any reassurances in return.

That's just not good enough.

Your Together HP and DO delegates met today and determined to send this letter to the Treasurer and Industrial Relations Minister seeking urgent discussions about wages at the very least.

We are also eager to see the message from Premier Palaszczuk put into action on restoring your job security.

To that end we have launched a petition to Government asking them to restore the Westminster system as promised by the Premier and release new Government policy to make this message a reality for health workers and all public servants.

Please add your name to this call today.

You can also download this petition and share it with your work colleagues here. 

We worked hard to elect MPs and a new government who will listen to you and value the work you do, now we need to remind them to act on it.

We are always stronger together.

PS: Our next hearing in the Industrial Relations Commission for HPDO is scheduled for Wednesday next week so stay tuned for more updates and encourage those of your colleagues who are not yet members to get involved and join you!

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