HPDO: A quick update

Posted on October 7, 2016

HPDOWe met with Queensland Health yesterday and it went well. You can see the notes here.

We didn’t have any major breakthroughs yesterday. Having discussed the claims on the agenda this week, QH asked us for some further clarification and informed us they would have to follow up on our allowance claims after our comprehensive explanations.

I was certainly able to provide a lot of evidence from our group to support our claims, which I was happy to do.

However as a group we did not feel that QH negotiators were necessarily grasping the gravity of the issues we are talking about. In the coming weeks we will need to show decision makers that these issues have a real impact on our work, lives and health services.

Our arguments in negotiations have been comprehensive, considered and evidence based, yet no matter how good our arguments are there is no force more powerful to change the minds of decision makers as union members standing together.

QH have wasted the time of our AO, TO, PO and OO colleagues in negotiations and give them a disrespectful offer that does nothing to improve their lives at work. They are standing up and fighting for better right now.

Stand with our AO, TO, PO and OO colleagues by attending your local meetings.

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