HPDO: Queensland Health rejects our claims

Posted on October 27, 2016

HPDOYesterday when we met with Queensland Health negotiators they came clean.

They are not supporting the vast majority of important claims we have made to improve our working lives, our patient’s lives and our health services.

Read here the full list of items. Now we need to act.

Our claims aren’t just important, they are essential to keeping our health services running efficiently. We can’t deliver services to our communities when our workloads are unmanageable, when we are worried about the security of our jobs and when our Boards don’t need to be transparent about their budgets.

QH negotiators don’t get it. These issues are real and they cannot be ignored.

In order to get real decision makers to pay attention and move our claims from no to yes, we need to act now.

Many HP and DO members have lodged protected action ballots (PABs) already. Add your work group today.

If we want to send a strong message to QH that their rejection of our claims isn’t good enough, we are going to have to threaten industrial action. This is what a protected action ballot does.

PABs are just the first step for us to take industrial action in our workplaces and pressure QH decision makers for a better agreement.

Stand up for the things that matter to you and lodge your protected action ballot today.

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