HPDO: Next steps

Posted on September 15, 2016

We started talking about flexible working hours, transition to retirement and budget transparency in our EB negotiations yesterday.

It is clear that Queensland Health representatives are not jumping to address these problems. It didn’t feel like we made big progress in talks yesterday, so there isn’t too much to report on and definitely nothing solid. 

What I do know is that we don’t want to sit back and let this happen over and over and feel like we are stalled.

We have decided to put forward some more concrete timelines to address the big changes we want to see.


We are really excited to be leading the negotiations from the front, but we also know that there will come a time soon when it will be up to every one of us outside the negotiating room to help put the pressure on to make sure QH really listen.

I hope to be able to report back on some real progress soon. So far we just have this brief “position” from QH. 

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