HPDO: Job security, allowances & solidarity

Posted on September 30, 2016

HPDOYesterday we met with Queensland Health representatives and made some positive steps forward.

We discussed the increasing use of temporary employment across the health service. 

With the Cairns HHS board overrunning their budget by $80 million, we got an acknowledgement from QH representatives that it is important for QH to strengthen their authority over the HHSs to support appropriate consultation and make sure that the right processes were being followed.

While we were in negotiations, the Health Minister was in the media saying he couldn't guarantee that there would be no job cuts for temporary staff in the Cairns HHS.

This situation reinforces the need to have strong clauses in our collective agreement to protect job security for ALL staff. Temporary staff should never bear the brunt of bad decisions made by their HHS board!

We also discussed allowances. Health agreed to index current allowances in line with the wage increase but wouldn’t say yes to the other allowances we had proposed yet.

The next few weeks will be very important for our colleagues under the EB9 agreement. Disappointingly, after weeks of negotiations QH have put forward an offer that is very far away from addressing their key claims and even back-tracked on some of the matters agreed on in negotiations. 

Starting next week, Together members will be meeting across the state to talk about their agreement and their next steps: see a list of events here. Please join your union colleagues and support them at your local event if you can! The success of EB9 members in securing a strong agreement for them is going to be very important for our own negotiations in HPDO.

We'll have more next week from negotiations. For a full set of notes from Paul from Central Queensland, see here.

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