HPDO: It's time to act

Posted on November 17, 2016

Together HPDO bargaining

On Thursday 29 November we'll be rallying outside Parliament House to send the message to the politicians – you must intervene now to give your health staff a fair and reasonable offer.

If you're outside of Brisbane, check the list of events here and come to your local rally.

Your collective agreement negotiations with Queensland Health have gone the same way as they have for your EB9 colleagues – the employer continues to stonewall, give minimal responses, and hold out on the most important matters, like job security, that they should have resolved weeks ago.

This is disgraceful and we have to act to stop it.

Issues like protection of jobs and consultation of the HPDO workforce in relation to workplace changes are straightforward. There is no excuse for Health management not to be able to meet the claims that your delegates have put forward.

Join me on Tuesday 29 November at 12:00pm outside Parliament House

If you live outside of Brisbane, check out our other key events happening across the state.

It's time to tell the Health Minister and the government that you are essential to our health system and your wages and conditions are just as important as nurses, doctors, teachers and police.

HPs and DOs have been able to win strong conditions and better agreements in the past through taking public action and we need to call on that same commitment now.

Some of you are already lodging protected action ballots. This is very important – VOTE YES to every ballot as they come in. We need to join with our EB9 colleagues to ensure that as many people as possible get QH and the politicians to stop talking and finally start acting.

I hope to see you and your Queensland Health colleagues at the rally. We can win this.

PS. We need numbers to win - so ask all your colleagues to take part in our action and remind those who are not members to join today.

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