HPDO & EB9: Update on your wages and conditions

Posted on March 2, 2017

In the last week there have been further talks with Queensland Health and a hearing in the Industrial Relations Commission about your Award. For a summary of the outcomes of the Commission hearing click here.

Based on feedback from members in this period, we know that you do not want to see a change in shift work rostering entitlements rushed through at the end of this process. We also know that your pay rise and back pay need to be delivered as soon as possible.

I have met with government this week to finalise the program around changes to job security provisions. The government have agreed to make the process for converting workers from temporary to permanent part of the Award, rather than a policy or directive that would be easier for senior managers to change.

I hope to have some firm time frames for your ballot and back pay next week.

There are a number of significant reviews and change processes occurring across QH and HHS's at present. Remember to let your local organiser know your views about changes and encourage your colleagues to join you as a member. Your colleagues can join online here.

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