HPDO: Ballots, back pay and pay rise

Posted on February 23, 2017

In the last month we have been continuing to meet with Queensland Health and finalise your new collective agreement.

The drafting process is important because the words in this agreement will form the basis for your rights and conditions for the next three years. We need to get it right now to avoid any misunderstanding down the track. We know it’s difficult waiting but please be assured your union delegates are fighting hard to make the clauses in your agreement the best possible.  

This process has become more complicated by some extra claims put forward by Queensland Health in the last two weeks. These are about rostering for 24 hour shift workers and the definition of weekends for shift workers. It’s a very important issue for those members who do work these rosters. If you would like to know more about this, get in touch with us at health@together.org.au. Queensland Health are potentially seeking to vary the HPDO Award to effect this change if we do not change the clause in bargaining, so we will keep members briefed on this.

We hope to have a draft agreement this week or next week.

Once this is finalised it will then be put out to ballot – it will be an electronic ballot of all staff. We will advise members as soon as we know about the ballot timeframe.

Once the ballot is finished then the agreement will be certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

The ballot and certification process could take up to another month so you should be seeing back pay and your new pay rises in April. However we have not had this confirmed yet. We have encouraged health to ensure preparations are made early to allow for the pay rise and back pay to be paid quickly.

For a latest draft of your agreement click HERE.

We’ll be in touch early next week about next steps.

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