HP/DO Alert: We need your quick vote today

Posted on November 27, 2014

Tomorrow is the final day of conciliation where we may settle a deal with Queensland Health on your wages and conditions for the next 2-3 years.

It is a crucial time. Yesterday the question was put to your union delegates – what would it take to settle these negotiations and move on?

What do we want from Queensland Health as our bottom line?

The answer to that question that your delegate Steering Committee came up with last night was this:

Without Prejudice – settlement proposal

1. 3 year agreement
2. Wage increase for each year shall be 2.2% or CPI (using ABS Brisbane Index) whichever is greater calculated and paid annually
3. Index Professional Development Allowance (to increase in future in line with CPI or wage increases)
4. Extend Professional Development Allowance and Professional Development Leave to temporary employees
5. Retention of the Student Supervision Allowance
6. "Clinical emergency on call" allowance applied to relevant staff in QHFSS
7. Withdrawal of the Queensland Health claim for pre-registration classification (the lowering of graduate entry wage levels)
8. Withdrawal of the Queensland Health claim for direct appointment/introduction of an HP 3.4 progression barrier

The big change in our position here is to drop our claim for 3.5% a year and instead settle on a pay rise each year that is based on inflation, or 2.2%, whichever is greater- noting, of course, that the Premier keeps saying he is committed to inflation pay rises! Other matters are seeking to get rid of the cuts proposed by Queensland Health and have some small improvements in allowances.

It’s not much but it’s a slightly better deal than we have now. REMEMBER – this is our position and not an offer from Queensland Health yet.

Queensland Health have said this week that they will not be putting job security back on the table at this point despite the Treasurer's comments 2 weeks ago.

We are asking you to vote today to say if you would be happy to agree if the positions we put above are met by Queensland Health.

It’s important to know that Queensland Health have not said yes to this position – this is just going to be our answer to the question.

We need a quick YES or NO.

Email us back to this address with YES or NO and your name and member number or date of birth.

If you want to provide other comments, please do.

This snap poll closes on Friday at 12 midday. It is possible that Queensland Health negotiators will come back with their own bottom line by then too and this could be moot, but we need to know what you think so we can put it to them.

Thanks for voting, we’ll be back in touch soon.

In union,

Your HP Delegate Steering Committee

1800 177 244