HP2 and HP3 Update

Posted October 24, 2014 by Jim Gannon

HSQ delegates and I have been dealing with the downgrading of HP3 positions to HP2 when vacancies are occurring in Queensland Health Pathology Labs.

The positions we are questioning have been advertised at a HP2 level. They will be forced to work night shifts and may be accountable for carrying out complex tasks without supervision of more experienced HPs. 

Our primary issue is with the duties required of this position and whether they are appropriate to an HP2 position. Our concern is for new HP colleagues being employed and remurnerated at lower classification level than they should be.

The Work Level Standards in HPEB2 make it clear that HPs who work at HP2 "undertake technical tasks of increasing complexity under the supervision of more experienced practitioners”.

It is not until HP3 that HPs in the technical stream are expected to: "undertake complex tasks in the domain with minimal supervision."

After several meetings with management both during the HSQ consultative forum and at subsequent meetings, we still do not have a resolution to this issue. 

As a resolution has not been reached, these positions have not yet been recruited. We have lodged a dispute notice in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

We have worked really hard to gain a classification structure which remunerates us based on the associated responsibilities attached to that role. We need to defend this.

We will keep you up to date on the outcomes of this dispute in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

If you know of downgrading of positions in your areas please contact health@together.org.au.

Please pass this communication on to others in your area.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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