HP: Your back pay this week - Celebrate!

Posted on September 23, 2015


Your hard work and dedication to a fair go means that this week you are getting paid what you are owed.


Your pay this week should include your back pay to 17 October 2014.

The only reason everyone is getting their pay rise this week is because of you and your fellow Together members!

Celebrate your increase – and ask your colleagues to join you as a union member.

Remember too that by standing strong on every occasion, attending rallies, signing petitions, lobbying and taking action you have also secured:

  • Emergency Clinical On Call allowance will be paid to all HPs and DOs where there is a requirement to attend within 30 minutes.
  • Indexation of current Professional Development Allowance (PDA) – increase by 2.5% upon approval and 2.5% again on 17 October 2015.
  • Access to Professional Development Leave (PDL) for temporary employees with greater than 6 months service, and agreement to meet reasonable PD costs for temporary staff with greater than 6 months service who have a performance plan (however titled) in place.
  • Access to PDA and PDL to temporary HPs with greater than 12 months continuous service.
  • No cuts to student clinical education allowance.
  • A pay out of the equivalent of 2 years Divisional and District Parities Allowance in lieu of receiving it as per the Award.
  • No other cuts to conditions.
  • Reinstatement of other conditions under HPEB2 – conditions such as employment security and consultation about organisational change.

Your next 2.5% pay rise will come through on 17 October this year.

You can download and print off a copy of our celebration poster here to put up in your workplace.

Celebrate this week, celebrate your efforts and how your Together membership makes a difference – and don’t forget to remind your colleagues who aren't members that now is a good time for them to join. After all, they've come in to some money this week only because of union members!

Congratulations – we are stronger together!

PS. Other staff in Health are still waiting for their pay increase. Click here to support their campaign for a fair wage increase. All Health workers deserve recognition and when union members support each other we win.

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