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Posted October 20, 2011 by Alex Scott


Last Thursday over 2500 Dental assistants, pharmacy assistants, medical administrative staff, research officers, dentists, home care workers and ward clerks, just to name a few - converged on Parliament to let the Premier know personally that it is now time to intervene to stop wage cuts and provide the circuit breaker that upholds the dignity and wages of Queensland Health workers who are the backbone of public health services for Queenslanders.

It was fantastic to see Health Practitioners supporting this rally and taking using their own time to show their support for their fellow members.

The EB8 steering committee and members greatly appreciate all of the support Health Practitioners have been giving to the EB8 campaign.

You can show your support by going to the Together Facebook page and clicking here you can also post your photos of the rally here as well (you may want to do this at home in case your access to Facebook at work is blocked).

HPEB2 Certification and Wage increases

The Health Practitioner enterprise bargaining 2 document has been sent to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and the parties are awaiting a date for the certification to be set down by the Commission.

We were hoping that this date would be known this week but it appears that we will have to wait until next week to get this information.

In light of this and from conversations with Health Corporate office this would now meant that the earliest the wage increases for Health Practitioners would be paid would be November 16, 2011 although this still may be later than this depending on the date of certification.

The back payment of wages would then take place over the following pay dates.

An update will be sent to members as soon as a date has been set down for certification and as soon as dates are confirmed for wage increases and back pay.

All members should check their pay slips and the amounts of back pay to make sure that you have not been under or overpaid. Members need to be a Queensland Health Employee at the date of certification to receive all wage increases and back pay.

HPEB1 Reviews

The Deputy President of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission has appointed a Full bench of the QIRC to set down the process and the parameters around what basis reviews will be.

To date there has been two hearings to look at the process, with the last taking place on October 17, 2011. The full bench asked the parties to reconvene on December 1, 2011 to discuss the appropriate section of the act in which the reviews will be heard. As reported previously, It is becoming very apparent that as this is now a full bench matter this process will take longer but will be rigorous. We do not expect that a process or the parameters will be set down this year.

Another update will be reported to members after the hearing on December 1, 2011.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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