HP: A fun way to send a reminder about your wages

Posted on November 27, 2015

Take the time today to ask Director-General Michael Walsh to deliver your HP pay increase.

Together members campaigned for a fair wage increase for HPs and we won – the government agreed to a 2.5% increase with proper backdating.

But Queensland Health has decided to delay your pay increase yet again!

The end of the year is getting closer. You should have received a 2.5% pay increase dated to 17 October 2015 but Queensland Health has decided to delay the payment of that increase.

Director-General Michael Walsh has the power to provide you with that agreed increase now, just as he did earlier this year for your October 2014 increase.

Use our email tool to send an "overdue notice" to the Director-General.

Earlier this year the Health Minister Cameron Dick said of the HP agreement: “this is all about letting professionals get on with their job instead of having to worry about organising campaigns for wage justice.”

Christmas is coming but Queensland Health is still acting like the Grinch.

That’s why it’s time for Queensland Health to pay your overdue increase now. Use the tool to demand no more delays!

PS. DOs and Doctors have already received their increases, which is why it's so silly that Queensland Health are making you wait again. Send the DG an overdue notice today and forward the tool to your colleagues so they can send theirs too.

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