HP collective bargaining update

Posted September 6, 2013 by Together Queensland

Delegates and staff of Together have begun bargaining with the Health Department to create a new agreement to replace HPEB2 which nominally expired on 31 August.  HPEB2 remains in effect until we negotiate a new agreement.  So far we have had more than 20 hours of meetings.

Our log of claims (click here), developed from information gathered through the recent questionnaire that was put to members, is very easy to understand. Fundamentally, we are trying to retain the entitlements HPs have fought so hard to achieve in the last two agreements.   Department officials have spent the last four meetings dragging out an analysis of the union claims and wasting time. Much of that time was spent watching Health Department officials staring in silence at our log and occasionally asking obscure questions.

We have asked Health time and time again to present their log of claims for us to respond to but they continue to refuse. So far the only indications they have given are some "principles" which include streamlining the entitlements in the agreement. That means they want to strip conditions out of the agreement and make them a matter of policy.   The employer wants to be able to change our conditions of employment whenever and however it wants, without consultation.

Negotiations continue next week and the Health Practitioner Consultative Group will meet to discuss why the Mater Hospital is going to add $500 to the base rate of their Health Practitioners wages but Queensland Health won’t. Health claims it has not made enough savings despite thousands of HP clinicians being made redundant.

We'll let you know how things go,


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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