HP Arbitration - What's at stake

Posted on December 22, 2014

The final claims for the matters to be arbitrated have been filed, and the Department of Health have dropped some of their nastier claims.

The Department and all the unions - Together, United Voice, the AWU and the QNU - had to file the final clauses to be arbitrated by 4pm last Thursday (18 December) and there were a few surprises.

As you can see by the claims documents at this link, Together has continued to fight for those things members decided were important:

  • A fair payrise
  • An extension of the higher education incentive allowance to higher classifications
  • An increase in the professional development allowance and application of the allowance to temporary employees
  • Retention of the district and divisional parities allowance
  • The application of the emergency clinical on-call allowance to QHFSS employees also on very short notice on-call report times
  • A maintenance of existing conditions

The Department had indicated that as well as a below inflation pay offer of 2.2% (that is – a cut in real wages) it was also going to try to attack conditions through the following:

  • Introducing a paypoint below HP3 for degree-qualified HPs with supervised practice requirements prior to unconditional registration
  • Introducing the ability to direct appoint HPs without advertising with a corresponding progression barrier at HP3.4
  • Stripping away the student supervision allowance in return for a 1 year pay out.

We had always argued the first two claims were not legally possible, but Health continued to press them – until now.

At the last minute Health have dropped those claims.

They have also have proposed backpay to the earliest possible date under the law – 9 December 2014.

Now we can keep fighting for a fair payrise, the improvements we seek and retention of the student supervision allowance without the threat of no backpay and without the threat of other conditions being cut.

Health is clearly feeling the heat. Let’s keep up the pressure.

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