Child Safety: How do you feel about indemnity insurance?

Posted on April 19, 2017

Your Child Safety delegates would like to ask you: do you support applying a small levy to membership fees for Child Safety members so that you would have professional indemnity insurance?

Your delegates have recently had a lot of conversations about individual protections for Child Safety members, in light of unrelenting media attention and continual pressure from workloads.

Some parts of our membership pursue group indemnity insurance schemes. For a small levy on membership fees (for instance, $1 extra per fortnight), eligible members receive professional indemnity cover. All industrial matters are still dealt with through the union office, but the indemnity insurance offers access to civil liability and further legal benefits, and representation in tribunals (including coronial inquiries).

As a Together member, you are already covered through specialist support and industrial representation. We have, and will continue to, assist members with complex matters such as Ethical Standards investigations and other processes like child death reviews. Our experienced industrial staff are best-placed to support members through these processes. However, indemnity insurance provides extra coverage for matters outside of this scope.

In other areas where there is indemnity insurance (Health, for instance) administrative members do not pay and are not covered by the insurance, but again this is a question for existing members – if administrative and other staff want it to apply to their positions as well, that’s entirely possible.

You can read more about Together’s existing professional indemnity policy here. If you have any questions about what is currently available to you as a union member, or what indemnity insurance might mean for you, please send me an email or contact the union office on 1800 177 244.

Let us know what you think about professional indemnity insurance – it’s your decision as union members.

We are here for you!

P.S. The best protection from the risk you carry due to high workloads is proper resourcing for the department. If you haven’t already, make sure you take a second to sign the petition asking the Premier to change the funding model for Child Safety, and talk to your co-workers about doing the same.

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