Hospitals are for patients

Posted February 13, 2012 by Alex Scott

It's not always easy delivering high quality services in regional areas. Your job in supporting our community is incredibly valuable - which is why it is so disappointing to see politicians invading Bundaberg Hospital with TV cameras.

Recently Rob Messenger, the state MP for Bundaberg, barged into Bundaberg Hospital with a camera crew from Channel Nine's A Current Affair.

This was a stunt pure and simple - something designed to get coverage for a politician, and footage for a sensationalist TV show, but do nothing that will help patients or staff.

We encourage politicians to take an active interest in what goes on in our hospitals.

Sadly, however, it seems that Rob Messenger's mission at the moment is to bag the hospital and hospital workers at any opportunity.

People have been working hard to make Bundaberg Hospital world class. Every day hundreds of patients receive a world class service from you and your colleagues.

Together, we encourage all political players across the state to work with health workers to restore faith in our hospitals, not destroy the standing of health workers in the community.

Regional Queensland deserves a real discussion about how to best deliver the services local people need.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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