Hospital crisis in Queensland Health: Get involved

Posted on July 9, 2021

Yesterday, Together members met to discuss the unprecedented pressure on the public health system.

Members in a range of occupations across the state reported that they were experiencing lack of staff, lack of beds, and a lack of resources that they need to be able to provide and support the care the community needs.

Members also resolved that they want to fight to make the system better.

If you want to be involved in this campaign, please fill out this form.

Only you and your colleagues have the knowledge and power to fix the health system.

When health workers - administration officers, allied health, medical officers, operational staff, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Liaison Officers, scientists, and other clinical and support staff – work together, you can speak for the whole system.

Because of the crisis, the Department is listening, you and your colleagues need to be involved.

To win real change, you and your colleagues need to be co-ordinated. If you want to be involved in that work, please complete this form.

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