Historic outcome for doctors

Posted on October 22, 2015

Congratulations! Your action has secured a new collective agreement. Soon you will be able to tear up your contract.


This result is because medical officers like you stood up and took collective action. And you have now voted for a new agreement with a 94% Yes vote and only 111 No votes across the whole workforce (MOCA 3 had 74% support).

Of course, this vote is in stark contrast to the situation under the Newman LNP government. There was no vote by doctors on whether the MOCA3 collective agreement, made with Minister Springborg, should be torn up. There was no vote by doctors on whether your collective agreement should be replaced by individual agreements designed to cut your wages and conditions, putting public healthcare in Queensland at risk.

You knew that wasn't good enough and as a united group you took action, joined your union, campaigned and sought a better deal. This better deal is what your vote has achieved.

Disgracefully, after having declared war on doctors and lost, the LNP in opposition are unrepentant. They are publicly still committed to these poisonous contracts and fought hard to retain them in Parliament this year. They have even attempted to cast doubt on the legitimacy of today’s ballot result.

If the LNP's health spokesman Mark McArdle really believes that "four out of five doctors support contracts", that only shows he hasn't spoken to any doctors! He and his party have clearly shown that that they still have no commitment to or understanding of the need for consultation with the public hospital medical workforce.

Collective action by doctors as union members is what has brought about a change to a better agreement. You as doctors have stood up for public health in Queensland as union members and will continue to do so.

Shortly we will also have the opportunity to discuss with government improvements to VMO working conditions. If you would like to be involved in the discussions with Queensland Health about VMO industrial conditions please email doctors@together.org.au.

Once again congratulations on this outcome and your commitment to supporting your colleagues as a union.

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