Here is the next step.

Posted on October 31, 2016

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngOur campaign is working!

On Friday afternoon, the Finance and Admin Committee of MPs released its report for the Industrial Relations Bill. In that report, the government members of the committee recommended that the Public Service Act be amended to allow the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to deal with matters of ongoing temporary work.

That means, public sector workers would have the same rights as private sector workers and be able to appeal to an independent umpire regarding their employment status.

This is a huge win for our campaign and for public sector workers!

But there is still more to do. To make this recommendation a reality, Queensland politicians still need to vote for the legislation in parliament. Our campaign won’t be over until we get 45 MPs to vote for these changes in Parliament.

We know we have the support of key crossbench MPs, we just need to keep the pressure on the Government to make sure they pass these laws.

You can do that by signing this petition.

We also know that as public sector workers we have strength in numbers. We have used that strength before to change legislation, we’ve even used it to boot out the Newman Government!

And we can use it again now to help secure employment security for long time temporary workers.

Click here to add your voice and strength to the petition for temp workers.

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