Healthscope Administration Agreement now in jeopardy!

Posted on May 14, 2020

It has been almost 2 months since we communicated with you about the status of your Agreement (Healthscope Queensland Clerical Services Employee Agreement 2019-2023). You can read the lastest email here. At this time your union delegates and Healthscope had agreed that the offer should go out to ballot and workers should have a say on the agreement. 

Since this time your union has made contact with Healthscope on a number of occasions to ascertain the details of the ballot process. We have now finally received a response from Healthscope and they have advised that they are putting the ballot and finalisation of your agreement on hold due to COVID-19 and would not commit to a timeframe.

Whilst we are all living through and understanding of COVID-19 and the associated problems this has caused to many; your union has real concerns about the future of your negotiated agreement not being certified and workers losing the opportunity to, not only vote on the improved wages and conditions, but also the opportunity to access them. We are also well aware that you have not had a wage increase since October 2018 and were most likely counting on that 2.5% increase once the agreement was certified.

So where to from here? 

We would like to hear your views on how to proceed and what you are prepared to do.

From what we can see there are three options;

  1. We keep in touch with Healthscope to see how they are progressing and when they are likely to put your agreement out to ballot – so essentially wait it out and see, potentially forgoing a wage increase for this year.
  2. Push Healthscope to put the offer out to ballot as soon as possible.
  3. Seek that Healthscope administratively apply a payrise now and re-bargain in 12 months’ time when hopefully things have settled back down again.

Options 2 and 3 aren’t just going to happen - it's going to take a majority of administrative staff across all Healthscope hospitals in Queensland who are prepared to be union and prepared to be active.

We strongly encourage you to consider your options and communicate your views with us by emailing so that we can get a sense and understanding on what members would like to do. Once we have collected the results of this information we will be back in touch.

1800 177 244