Health: Your next wage increase

Posted on March 12, 2015

This is a crucial time to act for wages in Queensland Health.

We have a new government, but we still don't know what position they'll be taking on your wages. That position is likely to be decided in the next few weeks, so we have to act quickly.

Two agreements – the HP agreement and the Nurses agreement – are currently up for negotiation. Whatever position the new government takes on wages for these workers will very likely be the same position it takes for your wages.

Make your voice heard now - Sign the petition to support the call for a fair wage increase.

In the past we have seen a "flow-on" effect from nurses and HP wage increases to other staff in QHealth. Supporting our colleagues and making your voice heard is crucial if we are to secure that flow-on to all Health staff.

You work hard every day helping to deliver the health services Queenslanders need. Your work should be recognised by a wage offer that keeps pace with the cost of living and reflects the value of the work you do.

Be on the front foot for fair pay – sign the wages petition now and ask your colleagues to sign as well.

The other priority is restoring job security. So far, even though the government have promised it, we haven’t seen the return of job security protection for you and your colleagues. You have  been waiting long enough!  Sign the petition now: let the government know that you are asking for them to deliver job security and ask your colleagues to sign.

Well done for everything you continue to do to keep our health system running. If you know someone who cares about wages and who isn’t yet a union member, ask them to join you here.

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