Health wages - should we receive less?

Posted on August 13, 2019

We have an important report back on some of the events from today’s meeting to negotiate your wages and conditions. Today was a joint meeting of both EB10 and HPDOCA, because we were dealing with our members claims that are the same across both agreements. Attending the meeting with me were delegates Andrea, Maria, Adrian, Lindsay, Barb, and John.


The most prominent discussion today was the discussion around wages. Our members are seeking a 4.5% wage increase in the agreement. At a time when Public Sector wages are growing slower than private sector wages, and wages are suppressed nationally, even the Reserve Bank of Australia is calling for a wages target which is much higher than what the government appears to be offering. 

What are they offering?

Department of Health advised us today that all they can offer is “2.5% per year in line with government wages policy”. But other government workers are receiving offers which are more than just the 2.5%. Teachers recently reached agreement on a deal which includes 2.5% plus a significant one off payment (described as a “sign-on-bonus”).  Another group of workers has also just been offered the same with their agreement.  There have been other inconsistencies that we could point out that demonstrated that what our members are going to be offered as “government wages policy” is less than what others receive. 

When asked by Together if it is fair to offer just 2.5% to our members when other government workers are being offered more – the Department’s response indicated that they think it is fair, and will be in the context of a “package”.

Your Together EB steering committees don’t think this it’s fair – we don’t deserve less than other professional groups.

Have your say:

Do you think this is fair that our members should receive less than other groups of government workers – and being told it’s “government wages policy”? Please reply to let us know what you think.

Together members stand up for what’s fair. Our members have been holding workplace meetings and are starting to take small campaign actions in your workplaces. These actions are sending a strong message already. Members are also discussing what actions you want to take when your agreement expires in coming weeks. 

For this campaign to be successful your colleagues need to be union members. Forward this email to your colleagues to keep them informed and ask them to join online here for better wages and conditions in this EB.

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