This year we negotiate

Posted on February 14, 2019

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Today we are launching the first union survey about what you want to see change at work this year.

Have your say by filling in the survey HERE. (EB10) (HPDO)

This year is also when union members (you!) negotiate pay rises for the next 3 years.

Union members decide what issues are on the list for negotiations with Queensland Health and what your wage claim will be.

Now is a great time to remind your colleagues to have their say as well and join you as union members.

You do great work and it is you as union members who put forward the ideas and suggestions to make your working lives better and improve the health of Queenslanders. Enterprise bargaining is our opportunity once every 3 years to put your issues on the table and have solutions codified in your collective agreement.

Check out the handy flow chart that explains how the process works.

If you would like to be a contact for your team or work area for bargaining this year let us know by replying to this email or contact your organiser.

1800 177 244