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Posted December 21, 2012 by Alex Scott

Congratulations! Over the last week, many of you have held rallies and events against the health job cuts across the Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane Metropolitan North and South districts, and QEII hospital: all up around 490 jobs that will be lost to those Queenslanders in need of healthcare services.

Members of all Health unions attended rallies against the cuts, which will affect staff in administrative, operational, clinical or allied health roles.  All of these positions are important to make sure Queenslanders get the best healthcare and services possible - it's a pity that this isn't a priority for the Newman government.

Together members felt so strongly about the reduction of health services that over 300 members attended rallies and events. Some travelled over 50km to be part of the rally in their own time to send a message.

The Metro North health board announced these cuts as part of the consolidation of three community health bodies into one, resulting in Social workers, dieticians, speech pathologists and occupational therapists being amongst those having their jobs axed.

The Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service Board announced their decision to restructure Royal Children's Hospital removing 99 positions.  These cuts will mean the loss of services which will affect the future health care of Queensland children and their families.

The Metro South Hospital and health Service Board announced their decision to cease Home and Community Care services resulting in over 140 jobs being axed and over 50 positions at QEII  which will result of cessation of surgical services.

We know being union can make a difference: employees in the Core have voted overwhelmingly to reject the government?s EB offer to them. This resounding result is a sign of workers' collective power. Together members have stopped this government in its tracks and shown Premier Newman what they think of his radical agenda of destructive cuts.

Sign up at Working for Queenslanders to show your support for Queensland Health jobs and services:

Members made it clear that before any cuts are made to health services that the local health boards should undertake  an open and transparent impact study that these changes will have on the patients and the community. The Board members must prove to patients, carers and union members that there will be no impact into the care and services that are currently provided to them.

Union delegates spoke at each rally and demanded that the board meet with the major stakeholders the patients, community and Union members to consult about these proposed changes and to give the community a voice.

"These are the people that keep people out of aged care facilities, keep them out of the hospital systems and efficiently and effectively keep Queenslanders healthy," stated Together acting assistant secretary Michael Thomas.

We've already seen that federal politicians are responding to public pressure: we have won a federal Senate inquiry thanks to your efforts in getting 25,000 signatures to our petition, and your support will help win a strong federal intervention for Queensland workers.

We can't wait until the next state election for change: Sign up at Working for Queenslanders to help continue the fight and win

Congratulations to you for everything you are doing; it's important we keep fighting. By working together we will force real change. You can visit for a range of materials specific to members in health - some of it is password protected, so if you need a password you can email


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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