Health privatisation is official

Posted February 27, 2013 by Alex Scott

With today's announcement, large-scale privatisation is officially on the cards for health services in Queensland.

The fact that the government was charging $200 a head to the corporate sector in an example of 'pay-per view' policy shows what their priorities are: focus on money ahead of patient care, pass taxpayer money on to private corporations, and minimise the government's responsibility to provide Queenslanders with quality health services.

If you haven't already seen the government's plan you can see a copy here.

We'll be providing a fuller response once we've all had a chance to go through the document in detail. In the meantime, remember to complete the union survey about health and what your priorities are.

To win the fight against privatisation, we must all take a strong stand for services. Sign up to the Working for Queenslanders campaign and talk about it to your friends and neighbours.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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