Health Payroll issues

Posted on April 29, 2015

Just after Easter you were sent an email which detailed concerns and issues that have been raised by members in Payroll.

These concerns included:

  • KPI’s
  • Non replacement of staff on leave or when staff resign.
  • Work loads
  • Rostering
  • Work place health and safety
  • Task based processing,
  • Reporting lines for SPO to Team leader
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Staff training and Performance Development Agreements
  • Senior Payroll Specialist officer
  • Rostering and time management activities.

Delegates from Payroll have written to the new Health Minister asking him to meet urgently about these issues and ensure he listens to members concerns to prevent any further payroll pain for all staff in Queensland Health.

We also asked that If are currently doing the work of a A04 Senior Payroll specialist role and not being paid at this level to email by COB 30 April 2015, thank you to everyone that has done this. 

We are aware that there are a number of members who feel that they are not being paid at the correct level.  If you are currently doing the work at a higher level than what you are being paid could you also email by COB 8 May 2015.

Further actions will be discussed once we have collated this information.

With your energy and support, Together payroll members can change things for the better in payroll.

Remember – the only way that we maintain decent working conditions and quality services for Queenslanders is by being a strong union. Encourage your colleagues to join you.  They can join online here.

Please pass this communication on to everyone in your area.

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