Health Payroll - Friday Update

Posted on September 18, 2015

Together Payroll delegates met with management this week for the HSQ consultative forum and discussed the following.

Together Payroll delegates met with management this week for the HSQ consultative forum and discussed the following issues:

Long Term Temporary Staff
Delegates raised the issue of members within payroll who are employed in what are essentially permanent roles on a temporary basis.

The Palaszczuk government has an employment security policy, which you can view here. The policy states clearly that: "casual or temporary forms of employment should only be utilised where permanent employment is not viable or appropriate. Agencies are encouraged to utilise workforce planning and management strategies to assist in determining the appropriate workforce mix for current and future needs."

Other areas in Health, such as HSIA, have done significant work to identify temporary positions that are either:

(a) Long term temporary staff who meet requirements to transition to permanent
(b) Temporary positions that should be permanent

Management in HSIA have indicated that they are developing a process to convert long term temporary members to permanent status and also reiterated that there would be no reduction in staff numbers or reductions in services. This process would involve both looking at temporary positions and also those that have been acting in higher positions over a period of time using closed merit processes where possible.

Delegates asked HSQ management if a similar process would be followed. Unfortunately management said that they would only convert those temporary staff that fill the criteria of their policy.

You can read the temporary to permanent policy here and make an application directly to management.

Delegates will continue to push management to discuss a process to convert the temporary members to permanent positions. 

If you are currently employed on a temporary basis but you would prefer permanency, please email 

Collectively, we will be in a much stronger position to ensure a temporary-to-permanent conversion as a united group than as individuals acting alone.

To ensure everyone has the best chance to secure a conversion, please forward this to your colleagues and ask those who are not members to join you so we can maximise employment permanency at Payroll.

Together Delegates have serious concerns regarding the KPI figures that payroll management are using to dictate the level of staffing in Queensland Health Payroll hubs.  Payroll management have stated to Together delegates previously that Queensland Health Payroll members are not meeting their current KPI’s.  Delegates asked that the KPI’s used within Payroll be tabled at the meeting.  Management stated that there are no KPI’s and that the only target is to ensure that pays are processed on time. This sounds contradictory!

If you believe that this is not accurate let us know by emailing

Workbrain issues
Members raised the issue that Workbrain had not been functioning in the week beginning 7 September which meant that members were six days behind in Workbrain processing.   Delegates raised this issue with management at Health Support Queensland consultative forum on Thursday 11 September.  Management explained that the issue was caused from an interface with data that affected the system. The problem had been found and fixed and had assured delegates that the problem would not occur again.

From Wednesday a new process has been implemented by Department of Health that supports better monitoring of contractor usage and principles to support appropriate engagement of contractors across the department.

See the special broadcast on this topic from Wednesday here.

If you have contractors working in your area let us know via

Higher duties/HHS’s
Members have raised the issue that they have not been able to apply for higher duties positions in HHS’s. Delegates spoke about this issue and management have said that all members have the opportunity to apply for positions in HHS’s and were not aware that members had not been able to make application. 

Management made it clear that everyone is able to apply for other opportunities within both HSQ and in HHS’s.  If this has happened to you recently (that you have been told you cannot apply) let us know via

Will you nominate to become a contact or delegate for your area?

Nominations are open now and will close on Friday 2 October 2015 at 5pm.

We are looking to ensure that all areas of HSQ have a union contact or delegate to ensure every team is represented.

We’d love to have you on board and will provide every support.

If you need any more information or want to nominate for your area email us at

Do you have an issue?

If you have specific issues at your hub, we should raise them locally, if they are not then resolved we can escalate them to the HSQ consultative forum which is held on a monthly basis.

If you wish to raise issues at this forum please let us know by emailing

With your energy and support, Together payroll members can change things for the better.

Remember – the only way that payroll workers' can improve your working conditions and quality services for Queenslanders is by being a strong union.

Encourage your colleagues to join you. They can join online here.

Please pass this communication on to everyone in your area.

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