Health Minister wants to examine all of the problems at LCCH

Posted on April 8, 2015

On Sunday, the Minister for Health announced a comprehensive review into the substantial concerns that have been raised about the commissioning and operation of Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. This is an important announcement which resulted from months of pressure by you and your colleagues, the Together members who made the difference and kept things going. It was noted by the Health Ministers office that the Together delegation on 12 March was very persuasive to the Minister in commissioning this full review.

As a union group you have been standing firm to call for this full and comprehensive review into the issues at LCCH, a review that can look into all of the issues that you've been experiencing and raising regarding care at LCCH, the inadequacy of facilities, the failures of outsourcing to Medirest, as well as examining the preparedness to open the hospital on 29 November.

CHQ's own report released last week was limited and unable to make recommendations about much of what has gone on at LCCH. Even still, the HHS's report appears to indicate that the hospital was opened before it was ready, and that there are serious and ongoing issues that need to be fixed. 

We are proud that the loudest voices so far on LCCH issues has been both concerned parents and Together union members. Together has regularly kept the spotlight on your concerns in media, and we are keeping up the pressure on CHQ and Queensland Health to resolve the issues that you have raised.

To read the latest media article about the government review into LCCH, follow this link.

It’s important that Together members keep your voices heard as an important element in the Health Minister’s comprehensive review of LCCH, and at the same time work together to address the ongoing issues in every workplace in LCCH. If members contribute to this review, we can make sure that the government acknowledges the scale of the problems at LCCH and ensure they get resolved. The review is due to report back in June, and we are now gathering information that may be used by the reviewers.

What do you want the reviewers to hear about your experience so far at LCCH? What are the issues that still need to be addressed in your area?

You can have your say as a Together member by emailing your points of feedback to by 25 April 2015.

In the meantime, I know you are continuing to do great work for patients and taking care of each other. And please remember that your Together delegates and organiser  (James – are available if you have questions, or would like to discuss problems in your work area.

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