EB8: New offer for your wages and conditions

Posted November 4, 2011 by Alex Scott

New Offer - Members to Vote in coming weeks

Thank you to the hundreds of members who participated in today's teleconference briefing with Alex Scott.

Late yesterday Queensland Health delivered a revised offer on your wages and conditions to Together representatives. Your Steering Committee delegates considered the 'in principle' offer this morning and recommended that all members vote on whether or not to accept it. The new offer is a significant step forward in the fight for fair wages and conditions.

The new offer would not have come about without the incredible campaign efforts by Together members and enormous effort by Together delegates in negotiations and organising activities in the campaign.

Members now have a  choice to make about accepting the offer 'in principle' and moving to a full drafting exercise for a new certified agreement or rejecting the offer and continuing to arbitration.

Highlights of the new offer are:

  • 3% per year or $30 per week - whichever is greater. This provides up to a 3.8% wage increase per year for AO2(1), OO2, OO3, TO1 and PO1 members - a significant increase for members working at these levels.
  • Wage increases would be back-paid to 1 September 2011 and paid on 1 September in following years
  • All proposed cuts to employment security and working conditions are off the table - this is a huge step forward
  • Commitment to continue to convert temporary workers to permanent status after 2 or 3 years continuous service dependent on the classification level of the position as per public service directives
  • Improvements to higher duties payment provisions for Operational Officers
  • A commitment to review the classification levels and stream of Pathology Assistants, Therapy Assistants, Anesthetic Technicians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, Hospital Liaison Officers and Dental Assistants within 18 months
  • A commitment to review the Workload Management Tool
  • A commitment to continue the Administrative Officer Training Fund and extend the type of Diploma's accessible under the fund to those relevant in the field
  • A commitment to review 'family friendly' policies and access rates to ensure better use of arrangements

Please note this is a summary only at this stage - we are awaiting final wording so that we can distribute this to members.

Given this large movement from the government on key issues for Together members it is important that you have your say and decide whether or not to accept this offer and move on to drafting or reject this offer and then move to arbitration. If members vote to reject the new offer and move to arbitration Queensland Health have stated that this offer will be withdrawn and they will pursue the original agenda of cuts during that arbitration process. As outlined on the teleconference today there are many important considerations for members in whether or not to accept or reject this offer. There are some key matters such as Rural and Remote Incentives and other issues that are not addressed in this offer, however, there is some great movement for all EB8 workers on wages and employment security.

As soon as a full written offer is available all members will be contacted again with the details. We hope to have all the details early next week from Queensland Health.

Feedback meetings for Together members will be held at all major sites in the coming weeks. You will also be receiving material in the mail in order to have your say on this new offer.

Stay tuned and remember to have your say!

PS: Remember to look out for feedback meetings in your area in the coming days and also more material in the mail about the new offer - your vote is important! Email eb8@together.org.au if you would like to host a feedback meeting for members or if you have questions.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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