EB8: An intervention for the sake of patients and the community

Posted October 21, 2011 by Alex Scott

Our campaign to save Queensland Health has reached across all areas of the state. Health workers are stronger and more united than they've ever been before. Your rally at Parliament House, and the others across the state, were some of the best-attended and most enthusiastic I've ever seen.

You have been putting the pressure on the government through work bans and stop work meetings and the level of community support for our action has been strong. We've received great media coverage and our Facebook poll of members is showing a massive majority in support of a fair wage increase.

We have achieved a lot in the public battle, but it's become clear that the government just doesn't care about standards of patient care and the effects of our action in the community.  If the government continues to ignore what is happening to patients in the same way they are ignoring what is happening to their staff, our bans may only hurt patients and do nothing to force the government to revise their offer.

We know this government has stopped listening to their staff.

Now we know they have stopped listening to the community.

That is why I have recommended to the EB8 delegates' steering committee to ask the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) to intervene, since we have to protect patients even when this government will not. The steering committee has accepted this.

Maybe they will listen to the independent umpire.

If these negotiations fail this may result in formal arbitration.  The government will have no choice to accept the result of an arbitration.

We don't know how long this process will take, or what the likely outcome will be. We do know that we have right on our side - a real wages cut is just not fair for Queensland Health workers or our community.

We'll update you with more news as we have it.

Congratulations for having supported this campaign. You have strong community support. And you have taken every effort to protect patients and the community as Queensland Health flounders in crisis.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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