Health EB8: Celebrate your pay this week

Posted on December 16, 2015

Click here to download your pay day celebration poster

2015 has been a big year for Together members. After you campaigned for a new government and a fair pay increase for Queensland Health workers, you secured a 2.5% increase for AO, OO, PO and TO staff.

Your pay this week should include your back pay to 1 September 2015. It's time to celebrate!

Click here to download your celebration poster to post in your workplace.

As a union member your action has made the difference in securing appropriate back pay.

In January the new government was elected and announced a 2.5% wage policy across the public service.

However, it wasn't until thousands of members signed the petition for the Health Minister and many more sent direct communications to the Minister and DG that your employer agreed to deliver that increase with proper back dating.

Celebrate and share this news with your colleagues and don't forget to remind your colleagues who aren't members that now is the time for them to join.

Next year, we will need to negotiate a new collective agreement (EB9) and to do that we need to ensure that everybody who is covered by the agreement is a member of their union.

Your agreement covers AOs, OOs, POs and TOs in Queensland Health. Next year, we'll be campaiging for a new agreement, so now is the time to build our union strength. Join now!

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