Health DG announced finalised DoH structure.

Posted on July 24, 2015

A new organisational structure for the department of Health was released yesterday by the DG for health Michael Walsh. 

Three documents were part of this release the department of Health structure, the rationale behind the decision and a frequently asked questions.

You can view these documents here and members are encouraged to read all the documents. We have also included the original business case for you to refer to.

Upon release of these documents the Together Hunter Review Steering Committee met with management yesterday with the implementation team to discuss the DG’s decision before the formal Department-Union briefing yesterday afternoon and discussed the following issues.

1. Decision on business case for change
The Acting DDGs will be meeting with Branch leads over the next week, who in turn should be speaking to  you this will be done over the next week.  Please let us know if this is not happening in your areas, or you need better access.

The implementation team is aware that there may be issues with FTE numbers in the documents  as they may be inaccurate.  The focus will not be on the FTE instead areas will be functionally moved as they are, and new establishment, budgets, etc., will be established after go live from 3 August 2015 to reflect the actual numbers of an area.

As reported at previous meetings, number of units/area/staff are being split it is our understanding that the DDGs/Branch leads should have had discussions with affected units/individuals by now again please let us know if this has not happened in your area, remember that there is a grievance process included in documentation and if you have any issues again we would encourage you to contact if you are a union member.

2. Business Services Review
This review will be finalised by the end of August.  The focus of this review will not be on re JEMS-ing (reclassifying) positions but rather than on where positions are and equitable distribution of resources.  Anyone impacted by business services review (Corro, finance, HR staff in divisional structures/Office of DDGs) should have been approached by DDGs for their new functional area by now to discuss this process. If members have not been approached, can they please let Together delegates or organisers know by contacting

3. Accommodation
There is an accommodation plan being prepared for tabling by the end of August (at the latest) at the Department Leadership Team Meeting held every Monday about these issues.  There will be no accommodation changes until after this accommodation plan has been tabled and discussed with the Together Steering committee.

4. DDG and senior executive positions
It is likely that DDG positions will be advertised this weekend and it is anticipated that the DDG recruitment will be finalised by September.  Once permanent DDGs are recruited, it is possible there may be slight changes to intra-Divisional structures.  It is also possible in newly created Branches that there may be a number of senior executives.  As an interim measure, an officer will act in the position, while decisions about recruitment are made.

5. What’s Next?
The new structure will go live on 3 August 2015, the implementation team will then focus on business operating models.  The business operating models will support enhanced mechanisms and processes for inter- and intra-Divisional collaboration.

The Implementation team will also be looking at other recommendations in the Hunter Review.  These recommendations will likely not have a formalised Business Case, but rather will see development of project or implementation plans.  Although the Implementation team will have an ongoing role in supporting coordination and monitoring, the delivery of other recommendations will be led by DDGs with functional responsibility.

6. Will there be ongoing consultation?
The DG for Health will be holding further feedback sessions today (Friday 24 July) and next Tuesday (28 July) we encourage you to attend these sessions.

The Together Hunter Review Steering Committee will continue to meet with the implementation team and attend the formal Department-Union briefings every week and send regular communications for you.

What should you do?

Please share this communication with your colleagues and continue to be informed.

Ask your colleagues who haven't joined you as a member to join so that we have a strong and active union going into this major change.

If you have feedback questions or issues with the change you should let us know

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