Grab your union t-shirts and wear them

Posted on January 18, 2019

We work in administration at Healthscope in Sunnybank and, as a union members, we are fed up with witnessing a race to the bottom on our wages and job security. The work we do across the health industry matters.

Each day we make people lives better. We don't simply answer phones and do small tasks, workers like us make our organisations run.

Which is why it's wrong that 40% of us are in insecure work and for most of us wages have flat-lined. This statistic is scary and as union members one of our resolutions this year is to do something to make the change that I know we all desperately need.

The buck stops with us.

So, let’s prepare to change the rules. Can you commit to join us and 1.5 million union members across Australia in wearing your union t-shirt On Saturday 2 February?

If you don’t have a shirt, join our Together Facebook Member group and put in your Orders ASAP.

Our workplace laws are out of balance. If we want fair pay rises and more jobs that are secure, we need to change the rules so we get a fair go at work.

To change the rules we will need to change the government.

So let’s start by showing our union pride and determination on 2 February.

With you on our side, I know we can send a clear message that we are ready to change the rules

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