Have your say! Pay offer and new standalone Agreement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce.

Posted on November 26, 2019

Queensland Health has made this offer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker and Liaison Officer members. It has been discussed by members at statewide meetings and now it is time for you to have a say on this offer.

The offer is significant in that Queensland Health has responded to your claims by offering to create a new standalone Agreement! The new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Certified Agreement is proposed to contain the new stream for all Health Worker and Liaison Officer members.

This is a historic offer of a new standalone EB with new pay rates!

The offer to all Health Workers and Liaison Officers is a new Agreement with a new pay spine (instead of the OO and AO pay spines) and it will have new rates of pay at those levels. For Health Workers, the pay spine represents more than a 2.5% increase for each level in the first year of the agreement.  The increase varies depending on the pay point. There are increases of up to 7% at some pay-points.

See attached pay spine contained in the letter of offer. We have been advised that members will translate to your current equivalent classification level in the new structure.

Members' work has been undervalued for so long because you have been stuck in the OO or AO streams alongside workers whose work is so different.  A new standalone agreement will enable a strong group of Together union members to campaign during EB negotiations every three years for more improvements to the pay and conditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Liaison Officers. 

Now that you have won your own classification stream it will be so much easier to negotiate better pay and conditions that suit your work!

Importantly this offer also has NO cuts to wages and conditions! The offer will include all conditions and improvements which have been negotiated through EB10 (see EB10 offer fact sheet) which also includes a $1250 sign-on payment, and backpay to 1 September 2019.

We are in the process of confirming exactly how it is proposed to match levels for Liaison Officer members, who are on the AO pay rates currently.

Your Together Health Worker and Liaison Officer representatives will be meeting with Queensland Health shortly in relation to the offer, to clarify some points in relation to the offer. While this happens we need to know what you and all other Together Health Worker and Liaison Officer members think about the offer of the new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Certified Agreement.

Click here to review information about the offer and vote now.

Our union is a democratic one. This is your agreement, and it will govern your wages and conditions for the next three years. You now get to vote on whether you accept this offer. That means that you and all Together members covered by the proposed agreement get a voice on this offer.

This is an important part of the bargaining process. Make sure you lodge your vote and remind your union colleagues to also vote. Only union members can vote in this ballot. If the ballot of union members is successful, then Health will ballot ALL staff covered under this agreement.

To vote on whether your union accepts this offer - please use this form

This ballot will be open until 4:00pm Monday 2 December.

You will be advised of the results of the ballot after this date.

Only Together members can participate in this ballot. If you are not a member you can join online here.

If you need to update your contact details you can do so online here or you can contact the union office.

Please encourage your fellow members to have their say about your EB.

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