Have your say on your Clinical Assistant EB offer

Posted on November 19, 2019

On Wednesday 13 November, Queensland Health made an offer to Clinical Assistants (as part of this offer to all HPs, Dental Officers and Clinical Assistants). 

This offer includes a raft of improvements for Clinical Assistants, including your own new “CA” structure (instead of “OO”), new higher wage rates for Clinical Assistants, plus more training budget allocations and a higher allowance for those with relevant qualifications. The qualifications allowance and training fund are both under a new scheme called VETIA.

See the new wages table here, including VEITA.

Importantly in addition to the new stream and pay increases the offer has NO cuts to wages and conditions for Clinical Assistants.

While this isn’t everything that members asked for, you should take some time to celebrate this offer. 

Even this outcome is a significant achievement, when less than one month ago Queensland Health said that there will be no money offered as part of a package for Clinical Assistants – they were insistent you would only get a new stream and no improvements to your pay and conditions. 

This offer with improvements was only made to you because of your commitment to take industrial action. Because of the actions of Clinical Assistants alongside other union members you have made a huge difference - congratulations!

Your Clinical Assistant Steering committee met today to discuss this offer and the next steps. Your Clinical Assistant Steering Committee want to ensure that you have had your say prior to an email going out to all members next Monday, to hear if members want to accept the offer or not.   

Have your say

Do you want to accept this offer or do you want to continue to stop work and fight to try to move this offer?

Please click here to have your say in a 2 minute survey to have your say on this offer and next steps. The survey will be open until 5pm this Thursday 21 November.

After the survey of members, your steering committee will consider the next steps in the current negotiations.

Clinical Assistants have already achieved an offer which will improve the lives of all Clinical Assistants. This is the result of 3 years of hard work from Clinical Assistant union members at negotiations and in workplaces across the state. Winning the move from OO to the new CA stream means it’s also possible to argue for increases for the stream at each future round of EB negotiations.

Ask your non-member colleagues to join today so that they can have their say on the offer, and so that you have as strong a union as possible in your workplace during the last stages of negotiations and when it comes time to implement your new CA stream.

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