Have your say in the Core claims feedback form

Posted on May 30, 2018

We are now less than two weeks away from the state budget which is a critical moment in your Wages Matter campaign.

A decent wage rise is essential.

As union members you have also been submitting your ideas for a better workplace and better conditions.

Union delegates from across different departments and occupational groups have been reviewing the ideas you submitted and now is your chance to have a say on the combined list.

You can do this by completing this survey.

(If you can't access the online version, click here to print out the survey)

It is a long document, but it's important to spend time reading through it. This list has been compiled from feedback from you and your union member colleagues.

If there are sector-wide or cross-agency issues missing from the list please have your say by sending your thoughts to core@together.org.au.

There are other claims (suggestions for improvement or change) members have put forward that apply to just one department or agency or a particular occupational group. This survey does not represent those claims and they will be sent to you later for review by your delegates.

The first official negotiation meeting for your new agreement will be held next week. At the meeting I will not confirm the union position on these matters however we will note the issue areas.

This survey is open until Friday 22nd of June. Your feedback will determine the final drafting of these claims.


PS - Members are still meeting with government MPs to talk to them about our Wages Matter campaign and why public servants deserve a decent pay rise. Check out the pictures of members who attended a good and supportive meeting with the Minister for Housing and Public Works, Digital Technology and Sport and Springwood MP Mick de Brenni last week.

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