Education: Have you voted in the poll? What happens next?

Posted on December 13, 2018

As union members you have been campaigning all year for a new EB agreement that will cover your pay and conditions for the next 3 years. You have been amazing!

We now have a written offer to settle our EB agreement and it has some good news in it, but also some disappointments!

We still don’t have a written wages schedule or more information on that from the Department so we did our own calculations and they are here on the offer page.

If you are in OIR remember to also check out the email Remi sent yesterday about the occupational violence clauses.

The member vote in the poll is certainly close. So if you have been reading and thinking remember to vote in the poll before 11am on Friday 14 December.

A union is as strong as its members and you have shown you are strong, but also we have some particular areas where members have taken more action and that is being reflected in the current offer.

Here is what can happen next:

  1. The poll of union members votes YES to accept the offer. Then the deal goes into the drafting phase. This process takes a few more months and then the implementation happens once the agreement is certified. Any changes would be back-dated to 1 September this year. If the offer is accepted the work bans stay lifted because the dispute is over.
  2. The poll of union members votes NO to this offer. Then we go to the Industrial Relations Commission on Tuesday and outline that we believe that the good things in this offer should be kept on the table and that the Department need to move their offer on other key issues and then we could accept it, and if the Department are not prepared to move or reconsider then we proceed to arbitration in 2019. That process also takes months. The catch is that there isn't any back-dating in that process. If the offer is rejected, work bans would go back on and we may then vote to put more action on in the new year.

We have made the point to the Department that the 8 day turnaround at this time of year is hard for union members and the tone of the letter is not respectful of the fact that members have been negotiating in good faith without any written offer from the Department for months.  

On a personal note - I am away on leave from today until 14 January but will be watching with interest from afar and with kids underfoot. I will be back in mid January ready for what’s next with you! You will hear from my colleagues – Heather who will be acting in my role, Ken our advocate or Alex the Secretary of our union in my absence.

I hope you all have a safe and happy festive season.

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