Happy Pay Day, updates + Child Protection Week

Posted on September 1, 2017

Happy Pay Day to you all! 1 September is the operational date for your EB wage increase, thanks to hard-working union members like you. The pay increase dated from 1 September is your third and final increase for the current "Core" agreement. There's an image you can use to celebrate on Facebook and share here.

CSSO upgrades

Today is also the day that AO2 Child Safety Support Officers (CSSOs) are upgraded to AO3! This is a great recognition of the work that CSSOs do that came out of this year’s budget announcements. Congratulations on your well-deserved upgrade. 

Administration Officers

We have also been speaking to our AO2 Administration Officer members about ensuring that they are recognised for the important work that they do in CSSCs. Administration Officer members should have received an invitation to a teleconference next week, as well as an open letter for members to sign, asking the Director-General to value the work you do. Of course, our ask is only as strong as our union, so if you know of any Child Safety staff who thinks everyone in a CSSC should be valued – ask them to join here.

Part of our Children Can't Wait campaign is ensuring that those who play an integral role in protecting children and supporting families - you! - are respected, appreciated and valued appropriately. The current funding model for Child Safety doesn't do this, and that's why we will keep pushing until a better funding model is in place.

Child Protection Week

As you would no doubt know, Child Protection Week (CPW) starts on Sunday.

We know that you spend most of your CPW organising events for families and other stakeholders, and probably don’t get much time to celebrate everything great that you do as Child Safety workers. That's why we are proposing a Child Safety Recognition Week in October that's all about you and the great work that you do.

Together members in Child Safety have won some great improvements this year, and while we know there's still more work to do, it’s important to celebrate your wins and reflect on where we've come from and what we need to do next.

So all the best for Child Protection Week, and keep an eye out for further updates from me about your week in October!

Keep up the great work that you do every day, both as Child Safety workers and union members.

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