Happy National Corrections Day!

Posted on January 15, 2021

Today is the Australasian Corrections Officer Day. A day to celebrate the people that work behind the walls, keeping the public safe. 

In the last 12 months the entire world has changed due to COVID-19. The job of a Corrections Officer was already an extremely dangerous and thankless job. It has now become that much more dangerous during this pandemic.

Corrections officers and other staff that work in prisons have worked through the COVID-19 pandemic, managing offenders, in extremely difficult circumstances. They have managed to contain and restrict this contagious virus in what are internationally recognised breeding grounds for disease (Prisons).

Not only have Queensland Corrections staff achieved the near impossible (restricting COVID-19 in our prisons) but they have done this while being under greater levels of physical and mental stress than they have seen ever before.

Corrections staff have suffered through record amounts of prisoner disorder, fires, riots and staff assaults across the state.

As the rest of society slowly becomes a safer place, prisons are becoming more and more dangerous places to work. Workers in these institutions are not being thanked by management, as they should, but instead are being forgotten behind the walls of these Prisons.

The men and women that work in our prisons have done, and continue to do, an incredible job and deserve to be valued not costed. They deserve our support to have prisons properly funded to provide a safe workplace for these dedicated frontline workers.

This pandemic has proven that you are fire fighters, paramedics and police, all rolled up into one. Be proud of the work that you do. Be proud to be union and  celebrate National Corrections Day.

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