Happy International Women's Day!

Posted on March 8, 2017

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate Together women and our commitment to women’s rights in the workplace and the community.

Women have fought and won their rights at work, home and in the community but still face inequality and discrimination. The gender pay gap and difficulty of career progression for women are still real issues for Together members in 2017.

Women are more likely to be primary carers whether, for children, disabled family members or elderly parents and women still do the majority of unpaid work around the house.

We all know that caring for family members is a tough but incredibly important gig and we also know that taking on the role of primary carer is a huge contributing factor to the gender pay gap and difficulty of career progression for women.

This International Women’s Day we are standing up to ensure that all working women and their families get a fair go through access to family friendly workplaces. 

 We know from data provided by the Public Service Commission, that despite making up almost 70% of the public service, women are still on average earning over $7000 per year less than men (permanent employees). This is just not good enough.

We have finished analysing the results you provided for the Family Friendly Workplaces survey and have released them today. As expected, there is still much work to do to change the culture of the Queensland public service and provide more family-friendly workplaces for working women.

From the survey results, you said the best ways we can achieve family friendly workplaces is by providing access to both informal flextime and formal flexible working hours and by providing workers with a supportive organisational structure that understands the pressure of modern families.

These issues and others you provided in this survey will form the basis of what your Together delegates will take to the Pay Equity Steering committee when it meets soon.

Share this image with your work colleagues today - let them know that we need to #BeBoldForChange to achieve pay equity in the Queensland Public Service.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is creating a submission to the Fair Work Commission to vary all modern awards to include conditions that ensure all workers have access to family friendly workplaces and the opportunity to make their best possible contribution at work and at home.

Things like the right to part time work and reduced hours for employees who are the primary carer for a child or for another family member.

Our national union, the ASU, is taking part in this process and is calling for members to provide stories to build a strong case for family friendly working arrangements.

If you are a primary carer or have returned to work recently, hit reply and tell your story about returning to work or family friendly arrangements in your workplace. Whether it’s good or bad, we want to hear from you!

We've been partnering with The Parenthood to build a strong campaign for family friendly workplaces. Read what their Executive Director, Jo Briskey, had to say about creating change for families in the workplace. 

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