Growing Stronger Reforms - What Do you Think?

Posted December 10, 2011 by Alex Scott

Our members in Disability Services perform vital work supporting Queenslanders with a disability and this work must be recognised and properly supported.

The Growing Stronger reform process is one of the most significant reforms that has been rolled out across Queensland Government in recent years. Our union delegates have been hearing feedback from members across the state about the stress and pressure that workers are feeling as a result of this major change to the model of service delivery provided by Disability Services.

Some of the issues we are hearing about include: workload issues for a number of groups including assessors, support linkers and case managers; a lack of understanding for case managers about the role and function within the new system; unreasonable performance benchmarks being placed on some groups like assessors; a lack of flexibility at the local or regional level to implement creative solutions to client needs; breakdown in relationships between Dept and non-government service providers at a local level because of frustrating bureaucracy holding up communication and sometimes payments to organisations and many many more…

The Department is currently undertaking a 'health check' process into the Growing Stronger reforms to identify any hot spots and pressure points across the state. Our union will be providing a report to cover the concerns being raised by members which will be considered in the 'health check'. Here is your chance to have your say about the new system?

Do you have feedback or concerns you would like to share? If so- we would like to hear it! You can provide your feedback to your local delegate or directly to the union office, by Thursday 15th December, at   Please be aware that the union office has already begun collating feedback provided by delegates recently, so there is no need to resend any concerns that have been raised since early November.

As well as considering our response to current implementation issues, our Council delegates, elected to represent members working in disability areas, have also recently commenced discussions about the bigger picture, that is - what do we, as a union, think about the Growing Stronger model. The kinds of things that delegates have been talking about relate to: the need to have better linkages between identified needs of people with a disability and resourcing of services; along with the need to return more local and regional flexibility to the system. Your Council delegates will be discussing this with you over the next few days and would appreciate your ideas and feedback. If you do not know who your relevant Council delegate is, and you would like to provide your ideas, please contact our communities team at:

Our union values the hard work and critical role played by our disability services members working with Queensland communities, and will continue to keep members up to date with any developments in these matters.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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