Voluntary Separation Program - Restructures in SPPP

Posted December 22, 2011 by Alex Scott

As a result of the rollout of the Voluntary Separation Program throughout the Department of Communities, business planning processes are currently being undertaken to ensure that workload impacts on remaining staff are managed appropriately.

The Strategy, Policy, Programs and Performance division of the department has been the primary area where VSPs have been offered and accepted. Consequently, a number of structural realignments, changes to work processes, and re-prioritisation of projects are currently being put forward for consultation with union members.

Union representatives have recently been briefed about proposed changes in the following areas of SPPP:

  1. Housing and Homelessness Services - headed by Tony Waters
  2. Communities, Child Safety, Youth and Families - headed by Brad Swan
  3. Disability & Community Care Services & Multicultural Affairs Queensland - headed by Michael Hogan

Business planning is still underway in the remaining branches of SPPP and further union consultation around those remaining areas will take place over the early months of 2012.

Management have advised our union that they have, or will very soon be, commencing consultation with affected staff in their branches, about the specific changes that are being proposed.  Members are encouraged to actively participate in those consultations.

If you have not yet been provided with the detail of the proposed changes in your work unit, please email communities@together.org.au and an Organiser or union delegate can get in contact with you about this.

If you would like to provide feedback about the proposed changes in your area, we are seeking your feedback by the 20th January 2012. Please provide feedback to your local union delegate or directly to the Communities Team at communities@together.org.au.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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