Good news for teachers, update for CSYW

Posted on July 2, 2019

You may have read the news of an in-principle agreement between the state government and the Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) announced yesterday.

The provisions of the in-principle agreement include a 2.5% EB wage increase, and a $1250 signing bonus, a reclassification for Principals and other school leaders to name just a few points. You can see the Minister’s release about the deal HERE.

This is good news for our state’s hard-working teachers, who absolutely deserve to be recognised and supported by their employer.

The work you do in Child Safety, Youth & Women and Youth Justice is vital for our young people, our families and our communities. You frequently work alongside teaching colleagues, under challenging circumstances. It is upsetting that the government did not extend a similar offer to you during 2018.

Together members were absolutely right to reject the disrespectful and inadequate offers made by the government to you. The government apparently has money in the budget and the ability to make decent offers. So why not for CSYW?

Together members took a strong stand by voting to reject the government’s offer and to move to arbitration to have the independent umpire decide our case.

Delegates and members are working on our arbitration case as we speak, but our hearing dates are not until January – this is a process that takes time.

While this process is being run we have also applied for the National Wage Case increase of 3% to be flowed on in the State Wage Case.

We are also continuing to ask for the government to pay you an interim wage increase, so that you are not disadvantaged over the period the arbitration takes place.

You may like to email the Premier and Minister Farmer and ask that they take action now to flow on the National Wage Case to you and your colleagues this year and ensure a 1 September pay date. It is essential that you receive a pay rise this year.

You can use our form here to email the Premier and the Minister or just email: directly.

1800 177 244