Get involved against health cuts

Posted on June 28, 2016

The Queensland government recently delivered a state budget that provided record spending for health in Queensland. However, from 2017 drastic federal government budget cuts will begin to take effect.

Every year more Queenslanders need more health services and these services are more expensive to provide. However the Abbott/Turnbull government has cut the amount of health funding previously committed to Queensland by $11.89 billion over the next 10 years. This means that, from 2017, the Queensland government will get more money each year than the year before, but less money than it needs to provide the same level of services.

The Australian Labor Party indicated that the funding for the next three years would return to the same level as previously projected. This funding commitment would protect our public health system from these savage cuts for the next three years.

The best solution for hospitals, patients and our members is that the cuts to health do not occur. This can only happen if we have broad community support for our health system and can convert that community support into political support. Our Health EBs this year will also be critical to campaigning to protect jobs and workloads for members if budgets are cut. 

If you are interested to get involved in our campaigns to stop health cuts in your workplace or in your community, sign up here.

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